SpdPDF Reader


A powerful and lightweight PDF reader


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SpdPDF Reader is a program that lets you open any document in PDF, TXT, epub, or mobi format. You can also edit any document using the different tools the app offers. You can underline, circle, create arrows, etc.

Unlike other similar apps, SpdPDF Reader is exceptionally lightweight. Not only does the program take up less than four megabytes, but it really lets you complete any action fluidly. However, it is true that large PDF documents may cause the program to slow down slightly.

From SpdPDF Reader's interface, you can find a shortcut to convert your PDF document to another format. This feature, however, isn't included in the program. Instead, when you click the button, you're redirected to the official SpdPDF website, where you can do so.

SpdPDF Reader is a good PDF file reader that stands out in particular for its lightweight and elegant design.
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